Remember the Titans

This post is inspired by a few events that have taken place over the past few days, primarily me watching Remember the Titans.  I never imagined myself watching this movie because I tend to shy away from drama and the like (I prefer comedies and adventures); but there was nothing else to watch and I really just wanted to laze around on the couch.  So what started out with me being online and the movie being played in the background, ended up with my laptop closed and me caught up in w whirlwind of emotion and inspiration.  I laughed and cried but most importantly, I thought.

I was thinking about a topic that has been in the limelight for decades, if not centuries, and continue to be a big issue for many; I’m talking about race but more importantly, I’m talking about differences.  I had an intense discussion with a friend the other day and she asked me what ‘our’ opinion is on blacks.  I was confused by the question because when I answered that ‘I’ don’t see blacks any different than I do whites, coloureds or indians, she said “’re an exception” and that she wanted to know what ‘we’ say about ‘them’.   I, of course, argued against this.  You see, I believe that we are living in an age where race plays as much a role as gender or age.  In fact, I believe that it is just as important as age or gender.

I stood by my point that ‘we, whites’ do not think less of blacks than we do of any other being, regardless of race, even our own.  But it seemed to me that she was fishing for an answer that she wanted.  She was not willing to settle for ‘we are all equal'; she wanted me to say that ‘we’ think less of ‘them’.  This brings me to the movie ‘Remember the Titans’, why is it an ‘us-against-them’ battle?  Why is it a battle at all?  Even more particularly, why is race such a big deal?  Why should we pick sides; can’t we all be on the same side, the side of humanity?

I think that a few decades from now, we will not be having this conversation.  However, the problem of differences will prevail.  We like people who are similar to us and having overt dissimilarities with someone, such as race, causes conflict (within our selves and society).

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